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CD Baby now offers cover song licensing to its 350,000 artists

License your cover songs the easy way

CD Baby now offers a simple solution that enables musicians to properly license the cover songs they want to distribute.

We’ve partnered with Loudr, a San Francisco-based music rights company, to provide cover song licensing solutions to our community of more than 350,000 artists from around the world.

Loudr’s new licensing platform easily enables users to purchase a mechanical license, the license needed to legally release a cover song across a broad spectrum of media, from physical releases to digital downloads to ringtones to interactive streams, for a flat service fee of $15 plus the cost of mechanical royalties.

“We’re thrilled to offer Loudr’s growing rights service and love their approach to streamlining licensing for our members. They’ve taken on a challenging part of the music rights process and made it exceedingly simple,” said Rob Filomena, CD Baby’s Director of Music Publishing.

“We’re excited to partner with CD Baby, a digital music distribution pioneer that shares our vision to empower the artist community, as well as promote practices that ensure songwriters and publishers are compensated for music use,” said Chris Crawford, Loudr’s CEO.

Loudr Licensing reduces the complexity of licensing. Instead of securing clearances from multiple rights holders and managing continuing royalty payments to one or more music publishers, artists and labels looking to distribute cover songs can go to one place and take care of all their mechanical licensing needs.

To legally license your cover songs for distribution, click HERE.