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Loudr Rolls Out New Iteration To Improve Mechanical Licensing

LOUDR is rolling out a new version of its API adding features that will make it even easier to find, manage, and link musical compositions and their owners, while calculating royalties for clients based on their specific parameters, automatically.

Commented LOUDR Dir./Licensing JESSE BUDDINGTON, “LOUDR's operational process combines knowledgeable human experts with a robust technology platform. The music licensing process has a great number of moving parts with multiple, branching steps, but is ultimately programmable with the right guidance. Our platform simultaneously learns from and augments our research team's efforts, allowing us to process an ever-increasing number of data points at an impressive degree of accuracy.”

“Our systems are equipped to take in and process sensitive client data, and make the necessary calculations to generate a rate for each interactive streaming offering," LOUDR General Counsel ANNIE LIN said. "This is similar to what other companies in the space do, except that LOUDR's API offers much more transparency to the client as to what goes into the calculation.”

Clients of LOUDR’s API, which include CD BABY, ZEBRALUTION, and DISTROKID, range from major indie distributors to music service platforms with large catalogs.
LOUDR also manages the flood of data that has inundated music services, connecting the dots via its machine learning-powered data matching solutions (i.e. connecting compositions to recordings en masse).

“We have data -- a lot of it -- and we've built a system to not only pull together the disparate pieces of music ownership data, but also a system to intelligently parse, categorize, and organize that data so that it can be presented back to our clients as structured metadata.," LIN said. "By structured metadata, we mean data that is immediately actionable and can be used to inform the distribution process or power music-related user experiences, for example, products that let consumers ask ‘who wrote that song?’”

"We're taking a different pathway," BUDDINGTON said. “The ethos is making the connection quickly and in a scalable way to help our clients make the most of the information.”