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MGT93: Loudr, Revolutionizing The World Of Mechanical Licensing – Chris Crawford

Loudr is a San Francisco based company which helps artists, digital distributors, and music services identify rights holders, secure mechanical licenses, and pay royalties to music publishers.

The technology behind the service parses publishing metadata and matches sound recordings to compositions, making it easy for anyone to clear mechanical licenses. For example, it allows you to start selling cover songs you’ve recorded, hassle-free. To date, the company has distributed over $1 million in royalties to songwriters and music publishers worldwide.
Loudr’s CEO Chris Crawford, who used to be a part of the iTunes team at Apple, is a guest on the latest Music Growth Talks episode to explain how his company has been solving the challenge of clearing and releasing cover songs in the US. During our conversation, Chris talks about the different types of licenses, explains what businesses Loudr (now owned by CD Baby) works with, and shows how the new version of their API makes it easier to link musical compositions and their owners.
Listen to this episode to hear Loudr’s promising vision of the future, and to learn how things are solved the Silicon Valley way.