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Zebralution and Loudr Announce Partnership

Zebralution, one of the leading digital media distributors for independent labels and audiobook publishers, and Loudr, a music rights technology company, have just announced a strategic licensing partnership.

Founded in 2003, Zebralution is a leading distributor of digital media content, including music, videos, audiobooks, and other entertainment products. Zebralution services more than 600 licensors mainly from Europe, the UK, and the United States as well as a variety of streaming and digital download services worldwide.

San Francisco-based Loudr builds products and services that help content creators, aggregators, and music services identify rights holders, secure mechanical licenses, and pay royalties to music publishers. To date, the company has distributed over $1 million in royalties to songwriters and music publishers worldwide.

The partnership provides Zebralution with comprehensive DPD licensing for its labels and royalty administration services, as well as access to Loudr client features such as real-time publishing metadata for licensed works via Loudr’s API and catalog matching against U.S. Copyright Office database.

Good information for those in Asia to know. U.S. copyright laws call for mechanical licenses when music downloads are distributed in the United States through consumer music services. Each digital download sale requires the payment of a mechanical royalty in the amount of $0.091 for songs of five minutes or less, or $0.0175 per minute for songs over five minutes.