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Video game music label, Materia Collective has teamed up with San Francisco-based music rights company Loudr to help with its licensing needs. To support Materia Collective’s creators and songwriters, Loudr will process license requests and usage information delivered by the label, secure mechanical licenses for identified works, and administer royalty payments to related rights holders.

“The video game music scene is tight-knit and supportive, and we’ve gotten to know the publishers behind the content," explains Jesse Buddington, Loudr’s Director of Licensing. "These video game studios often engage in work-for-hire agreements with their composers and are only starting to realize that this gives them copyright in their games’ soundtracks. We’ve used our mechanical licensing expertise to help studios understand their music publishing rights, enabling their works to be performed by their many talented fans.”

Materia Collective, a video game music publisher and label, that gets composers’ work into the spotlight and creates high-quality, high-concept original projects inspired by games’ worlds and sounds. Materia Collective’s sound ranges from quirky pop-rock to epic orchestral; from remix and tribute collections dedicated to Final Fantasy to the soundtrack to blockbuster indie game UNDERTALE. The label also administers the publishing rights for several composers and songwriters who write original music for games.

“Loudr is the perfect partner for Materia Collective and our roster of artists,” notes Materia Collective founder Sebastian Wolff. “We have long believed that composers should be compensated for commercial covers and remixes of their work. While it is easier than ever to distribute music, rights administration across the digital landscape has grown to be a hugely complex task. Our mission is to bring great soundtracks into the spotlight, and Loudr helps us empower the underserved gamemusic artist community with the tools required to meet these goals. We are excited about the opportunities that we can now provide to our roster of artists.”

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